They are out of this world!


Made from our signature Hex Stax metal, the 9” discs are hand-cut, hand-hammered and heat-treated to achieve their own unique sound and coloring.


Either of these discs can be used as your top layer.  Each layer gives a different sound.

Layer 1 has large, loosely attached washers to allow for independent movement.

Layer 2 has 16 holes, drilled to align with the nuts on Layer 1.


-With Layer 1 on top, you will get a wider stax sound.

-With Layer 1 on top, flip the whole thing over allowing the washers to dangle, giving you more of a standard Stax sound.

-With Layer 2 on top, the washers will be “sandwiched” between the layers.  This allows the washers to vibrate between the two layers, achieving a whole different sound.

-The larger center washer, we call it the cockpit, provides an additional source of movement. It can be moved in between layers, placed under the bottom layer, or not used at all, it’s fully adjustable.


For even more sound, try adding a set of 5” or 6” Hex Stax, a Hex Hub, a Triangle Jingle, or many more!  It works great on your hi-hats with our Rebound Clutch!

The possibilities are endless!


Check out videos of the UFO Stax by typing #CPUFOStax you’re your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPUFOStax” in all your social media posts.


Product Specs:

Approx 9" across and approx 1/2" thick

$99.99 Regular Price
$77.49Sale Price