CPA Twisted Hybrid Twist Rods

CPA Twisted Hybrid Twist Rods

A TWIST above the rest!

Creative Percussion Twist Rods are built to last!


All of our Twist Rods models are made in the USA from domestically grown Birch and Poplar dowels, hand-dipped in lacquer for more durability.  Their grips are all fully glued, not just spot glued in a few places.  All models, apart from the Kendo Rods, have our signature, patent-pending twist which allows for more rebound, a fatter sound, and more flexibility in the dowels.  Our grip-wrap is a thicker PVC wrap, which is a more durable material than the typical polyolefin you find in most other brands.


All models come with vinyl caps for a traditional feel and feature the "O" ring* to give you the control and adjust-ability to get an open fat brush effect or closed tight stick sound.


The Twisted Hybrid Rods are part of our Alternative Series rods, which were developed during one of those “Huh, I wonder what that would sound like” moments.  We’re pretty excited about the results!


The Twisted Hybrid combines a 7A maple, nylon-tipped drumstick with our twisted birch dowels to give you a truly unique rod.  This combination gives you the ability to add a unique sound to your performance as well as to work on your light-touch control.  By playing lightly, and only engaging the outer dowels, you'll work on that "feathery" feel and by playing a little heavier you'll engage the outer dowels first and then the center stick to give you that "Twist Rods sound" as well as a solid strike.  Not only would this rod be a great choice for any acoustic venue, but it’s also the perfect addition to your practice routine to help you build your skill and control.


The Twisted Hybrids weigh about the same as our Yeti Twist Rods model.  They have a slightly stiffer grip-feel than the Yetis.  The heat-shrink grip-wrap is mid-length, but still extends beyond the rim shot zone for added protection.


*We suggest storing all Twist Rods in the open position with the "O" rings where the grip-wrap meets the open dowels for the best results. Storing Twist Rods in the closed position, with the "O" rings at the playing tip may result in a lesser dowel flare over time.


This is the perfect hybrid combination to have in your stick bag.


Product Specs:

TWISTED HYBRID (black grip, yellow stripe) 17 dowels, 1/8” x 16”, one 7A Nylon-tipped maple stick

Other Models' Specs:

JAZZ LITE (black grip, white stripe) 14 birch dowels 1/8" x 16"

JAZZ (black grip, blue stripe) 19 birch dowels 1/8" x 16"

BIGFOOT (brown grip)  30 birch dowels 1/8" x 16"

YETI (black grip, white stripe and Yeti image) 37 birch dowels 1/8" x 16"

KENDO RODS (black grip, purple stripe) five 1/4" x 16" square poplar sticks, four 3/16" x 16" birch dowels

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