CPA The Kraken

CPA The Kraken

We’ve released the Kraken!


Like a Kraken, the CP Kraken has 8 arms.

Each arm has two steel rings and a jingle, all of which move independently.


You will need 9" of exposed hi-hat rod to get the full effect of this product.  If using it with the Rebound Clutch we recommend putting the Kraken in the flat or near-flat position.


The “U” shaped bracket and specialy, space-saving clutch allow the Kraken to fit over your hi-hat clutch.  By moving the bracket up and down, you will change the angle of the arms and alter the type and amount of sound you will get from each component.


You’ll get the most “trashy” sound by having the Kraken in a flat position with full contact to your hi-hat cymbal.  This allows for the most movement and engagement of all the components.  The ends of all 8 arms will bounce causing all 16 metal rings and 8 jingles to move independently.


A mid-rod position will put all the arms at a different angle and closer to the center of the cymbal.  This causes only the outer end of the arms to touch the cymbal.  The rings and jingles will be slightly less engaged, giving you a more subtle sound.


Moving the clutch all the way up so the arms are not touching the cymbal at all gives you the ability to use the Kraken like a “ching ring”.  The arms will slightly swing back and forth engaging the rings and jingles in a different way.  All the metal will hit each other, like how wind chimes hit each other.


Try leaving the clutch loose so everything will free-float! This will allow the entire Kraken to bounce, instead of just the arms pivoting on the center ring and the ends moving up and down.


Have the jingles loose or tighten them down without affecting the movement of the rings.  (5/16" wrench or socket will be needed.)


The Kraken can be used on any hi-hat.  It may hang over the edge, fit to the edge or be slightly smaller than your cymbal.


The metal arms are made from our signature Hex Metal.  Each piece is hand-cut, hand-hammered and heat-treated to achieve its own unique tone and coloring.


Check out videos of the Kraken by typing #CPKraken into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPKraken” in all your social media posts.


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Product Specs:

Diameter fully open: 13"

Height: Flat: approx 5"   Closed: approx 10"

PriceFrom $109.99