CPA The Badass Elite Bass Drum Beater

CPA The Badass Elite Bass Drum Beater

Play like a BADASS!


All Badass Beater heads come with one wood surface and one suede surface.  The main striking surface will be the end at the top of the skull while the skull is facing you on the pedal.  Please indicate if you would like the striking surface to be wood or suede by selecting it in the dropdown.  Please see the photos above to see which end is considered the striking surface.


These Badass Elite bass drum beaters are made out of poplar wood and have flat black, distressed finish, laser engraved with this BADASS image!


They are Elite Beaters and have all the beneficial features our standard Elites have; a shock-mounted rubber-compound core to absorb some of the vibrational impact of playing, thus reducing pain and fatigue; a rotating head to allow the flat surface of the beater to make full contact with the drumhead, giving you the fullest amount of attack possible and an even wear; one wood striking surface and one suede striking surface to give you even more control in the amount of attack you can have; as well as a storage pouch to protect your investment.


If you'd like to read more about our Elite beaters, go here.


Product Specs:

Beater Head: 1 3/4” dia x 2” deep

Shaft: 17/4ph stainless steel

Overall Length: Including shaft is 8 3/8".

Weight: Approx 3.2 oz

$54.99 Regular Price
$42.49Sale Price