CPA Roto Tom Converter for Rack/Multi-Clamp

CPA Roto Tom Converter for Rack/Multi-Clamp

Are you like most drummers we've talked to who have either ditched their Roto Toms all together or stuffed them in a closet because the "T-track" mounting system wasn't easy to use?

We have the solution!


Our Roto Tom Converters make it easier than ever to sneak a small to mid sized Roto Tom into your set up virtually anywhere.  Simply remove the original bolt, thread ours in and load it into your rack/multi-clamp or Pearl style "L" arm!


The Rack/ Multi-Clamp Converter allows you to use almost any multi-clamp that's out on the market today.  Most drummers have a wide array of multi-clamps at their disposal, you'll just need to use one that our converter will fit into.  If you want to use more than one Roto Tom, use a rack system with multiple clamps.


The Pearl Style "L" Arm Converter allows you to mount directly to the "L" Arm, which gives you the ability to tilt your Roto Tom in the North, South, East and/or West directions.  Works great on a Pearl "L" arm double stand if you want to use two Roto Toms.


Contact us about mini rack bars for the "L" arm converters.  We have them available in straight or curved designs.  Let us know the length you're looking for and any other details you may have.

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