CPA Rebound Clutch

CPA Rebound Clutch

The Rebound Clutch is a great addition to our Modular System!


We feel the thing that’s always been missing for add-ons to the Hi-Hat is not having enough motion, so, in Creative Percussion style, we created the Rebound Clutch to fill that void.


The Rebound Clutch has 2 large springs to help create the motion needed to achieve some amazing sounds and effects.  With the aid of the 2 springs, the modular item placed in the center will rebound back-and-forth to create twice as much movement than if you were to hard-clamp the item to the hi-hat stem.  With the ability to change the distance between the 2 springs, you’re able to get even more movement to achieve an even, echo or random stutter effect.  The heavier the add-on item in the center, the more movement and bounce you’ll get.


The Rebound Clutch works in conjunction with our Utility Clutch and will work with most of our smaller Modular System items.  It's simple to use!  Place an item, like the Lotus Jingle or Hex Jingle, onto the Utility Clutch, put the lower half of the Rebound Clutch on your hi-hat stem, then put the Utility Clutch/Lotus Jingle (or whatever modular item you choose) on the hi-hat stem without tightening the wing knob so it can move freely, affix the top part of the Rebound Clutch onto the hi-hat stem and start playing!  Adjust the distance between the springs to match the amount of rebound you want.


The Rebound Clutch is made from solid brass and steel parts for that classic look and feel.  It comes with 2 larger springs and a mini wing knob adjuster on each brass piece, so they stay in place.  It will fit hi-hat rods up to 7mm. 


NOTE:  The Rebound Clutch is designed to work with the Utility Clutch, not on its own.  Placing a modular item between the springs without the Utility Clutch could damage either the springs or the item placed in between and will not give you the proper effect.

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