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Feeling Lucky??!!!


Horseshoes are known to be symbols of good luck.  They also give horses a solid foundation. 

We thought they would be the perfect symbol and foundation for our Lucky Jingle! And we were right!


The Lucky Jingles are available in 2 different sizes and weights.  The larger size will give you more dampening of the drum.  The smaller size gives less dampening and more bounce and movement.  Both will move freely with the drumhead.


The Lucky Jingles come with our magnetic Leather Strap which acts like a tether and keeps the Lucky Jingle from  bouncing around too much.


Each size has 4 pairs of jingles.  The larger size has single stacks of jingles spread out to give you a wider sound and the smaller size has double stacks giving you a tighter jingle sound.  With both sizes, the jingles are free-floating and loosely attached allowing the jingles to activate more with each strike of the drum.  The harder you hit, the more they activate.


The Lucky Jingles will also work with our Magnetic FX Arm.


Check out videos of the CP Lucky Jingle by typing #CPLuckyJingle into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPLuckyJingle” in all your social media posts.


Product Specs: 

Small: 3 x 3 ½”

Large: 4” x 4 ½

CPA Lucky Jingle