CPA KPF Jingle Bell Ring/Clutch Set

CPA KPF Jingle Bell Ring/Clutch Set

The KPF Jingle Bell Ring!  One of Kevin's Personal Favorites, thus a part of the KPF Collection!  


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(This combo is offered at a reduced price and not eligible for any additional discounts) 


Compact in size, big on sound! AND REDESIGNED!!!  We've taken the amazing sound of our previous version and transformed it into the handcrafted CP Style!!!


We replaced the metal ring with a hand-hammered, heat-treated work of art!


*You will need at least 5 1/2" of exposed hi-hat rod if using the Jingle Bell Ring with a Rebound Clutch and without the Rebound Clutch you will need 4". 

Not enough space on your hi-hat rod?  Try our Hi-Hat Rod Extender!!


We wanted something that had a unique tone, was free-flowing and could be used with other components of our Modular and Metal FX systems, so, the Jingle Bell Ring came to life.  Sold as a set with our Utility Clutch, you’ll be able to suspend it on your hi-hat stand to keep it free-floating.  This will allow you to get the initial sound of the sleigh bells, plus the added depth of the movement between shakes.  This piece is also a great tool to use to up your timing game.


Features and uses of the Jingle Bell Ring:

  • Made with 12 bells, you’ll get a very full sleigh bell sound.
  • Designed to work with our Utility Clutch (included) so you can keep it on your hi-hat stand and out of the way.
  • Add a Rebound Clutch for even more movement and sound.
  • Fine tune your timing and control to get just the sound you want.
  • Works great on a snare drum.  Use it with our Leather Strap or Magnetic FX Arm to keep it where you want it.
  • Use it on your snare drum with the Clutch Bracket with Magnet, Utility Clutch and FX Post to adjust the height of the bells off the drumhead.


Note: The Jingle Bell Ring is not recommended as a striking instrument.  Striking the ring with force can cause damage.


Check out videos of the Jingle Bell Ring by typing #CPJingleBellRing into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPJingleBellRing” in all your social media posts.


Product Specs:    

Size:  5” point-to-point, 2” overall height 

Weight: 6.3 oz.

PriceFrom $55.99