CPA Head Scratcher

CPA Head Scratcher

Get DJ Record-Scratching Sounds Acoustically


The Head Scratcher is available in 2 sizes and designed to fit on a 13” or 14” snare or tom.

It’s simple to use, just rest it on top of your drumhead and you’re ready to go!


Made from our Hex Metal, the Head Scratcher is hand-hammered and heat-treated to bring a specific tone out of the metal. It's formed into a domed shape with tabs on the back to hold the scratcher piece in place.


Features and uses of the Head Scratcher:

  • The scratching surface head is removable and replaceable.
  • The ring is narrower than our Groove Ring, allowing for more scratchable surface area.
  • Enhance the industrial sound by disengaging the snare wires.
  • Add one or two of our MFX Jingles for more dimension in sound.
  • Use it as a learning tool to further your skills.
  • It lightly dampens the drum sound.


Using the back-and-forth motion allows you to really work on your coordination skills.  It’s a totally different feel than regular drumming, which is mostly up-and-down movement.


Due to it being a free-floating add-on, the Head Scratcher will bounce if hit with too much force.


Check out videos of the Head Scratcher by typing #CPHeadScratcher into Facebook or Instagram.

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Product Specs:

13” Weight: 9.1 oz

14” Weight: 9.5 oz

PriceFrom $40.29