CPA Guiro Stax

CPA Guiro Stax

Not your average Guiro!


Made from our signature Hex Metal, the Guiro Stax are hand-hammered on both sides and heat-treated to bring out the tones, as well as to give some pretty amazing color variations.


We wanted to make a product that had a guiro-type sound with a creative twist.  In keeping with our signature Stax products, we thought a stacked guiro just made sense.


The Guiro Stax measures approximately 1 1/4” x 10 1/2”.  The two bottom layers are hammered, the top layer is crimped to give you that Latin-inspired sound of the guiro.  All three layers are loosely attached so you will get sounds from each piece.


The Guiro Stax are magnetic, so they are very versatile.  They can be placed on your steel hoops, vertically on the side of your cymbal stand or on any of our Hex Metal, really, they will go just about anywhere a magnet will stick.


Add additional layers of sound with the other components of our Metal Effects Series and Modular System!


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Product Specs:

Approx 1 1/4" x 10 1/2"

3/4" Height

Weight: 5.2 oz

$43.99 Regular Price
$34.19Sale Price