CPA Drum Taco Overtone Control

CPA Drum Taco Overtone Control

The Drum Taco was designed to control overtones with just the flip of your stick.


The CP Drum Taco attaches by combining a super strong Rare Earth magnet*, rated for 26 lbs. of straight pulling force, and a “figure 8” fastener.  The “figure 8” fastener attaches between the tension rod and the hoop (like a washer), giving you the confidence that your Drum Taco will stay where you need it, whether you have steel or non-steel hoops.  You’ll have the security of knowing it will stay where you put it, unlike using a wallet that can bounce off at the most inconvenient times.


*the magnet will also attach directly to steel hoops.


Installation instructions are included in the product packaging.  Additionally, you may view the installation video here on our website or YouTube page. 


The Drum Taco is available in 2 colors; black with red lettering or red with white lettering. 


Additional colors are available as a custom order.  Please contact Creative Percussion to discuss options and pricing.


Product Specs:

Size: 4 ½” x 3”

Weight: 6 oz.

$22.99 Regular Price
$17.99Sale Price