CPA Cog Bell

CPA Cog Bell

It's more than just a bell, it's another dimension in sound!


You won’t believe the sound you get out of the Cog Bell, and even more, it’s very versatile.


The Cog Bell is made from the same steel we use on our Hex Stax.  It is cut and hammered by hand, and not “cookie-cutter”, so each piece will have a unique sound with a slightly different tone and pitch.


The Cog Bell offers a wide array of tonal characteristics, has a long sustained tone and is not obnoxiously ear-piercing.


Play it on its own as a bell, place it on a snare drum for an added effect or add it to your hi-hat clutch for another depth of sound. 


Get creative with it by adding our Hex Hub with chains for extra trash sound.  Take it even further and use that combination with our Rebound Clutch for extra bounce.


Search Facebook and Instagram using #CPCogBell to see video demonstrations.


Product Specs:

Approx 9" across

Weight: 5 oz.

$48.99 Regular Price
$36.99Sale Price