CPA Clutch Brackets

CPA Clutch Brackets

When placement is key....


The Clutch Brackets come as a set of 2.  They are made from our signature steel and come with or without Rare Earth magnets.


Regular cymbals are not magnetic.  The Clutch Brackets are designed to give you the option of using our metal components on your hi-hats or cymbals.  Add jingles or other metal effects without having to drill holes in your cymbals and have the ability to quickly change components out for a different sound or move them to a different part of the cymbal.


The Clutch Bracket features:

  • Use on hi-hats to add metal components to enhance your sound without taking up a lot of space.  Put them in the front, back, or in any spot that is ideal for you.
  • Use a single bracket with a Utility Clutch and an FX Post to add components to your snare drum.  Using the Utility Clutch allows you to change the height of the product off the drum, or to press it down firmly to dampen the drum.
  • The attachment hole is large enough to fit over a cymbal stand to allow you to hang components off your cymbal without a clutch.  Great for adding sizzle chains!
  • On the hi-hats, using the pair and our Magnetic Guiro Stax, you can position the Guiro Stax closer to the bell or closer to the edge of the cymbals by simply changing the “V” shape fo the two brackets.
  • When not is use, you can simply push them to the back of your hi-hat or cymbal without having to dismantle your setup.


Looking for something a little smaller?  Try our Magetic FX Arm.


Multiple uses and endless versatility,

the only thing stopping you is your imagination.


Product Specs:     Size:  Approx 1.5” x 6.5”  Weight: 6.5 oz.

PriceFrom $19.49