CPA Variable Pitch Can Shaker XL

CPA Variable Pitch Can Shaker XL

Have you ever found a hi-hat shaker that had enough movement and volume to sound good?

Neither have we, so we made one.


*You will need at least 6" of exposed hi-hat rod to use the Can Shaker XL. 

Not enough space on your hi-hat rod?  Try our Hi-Hat Rod Extender!!


The Can Shaker XL was designed to give you the most movement and volume possible in a hi-hat shaker. 


The Can Shaker XL comes with our Rebound Clutch.


The XL is larger than our standard Can Shaker and contains a different type of media to give you a whole new sound.  Unlike the standard Can Shaker, the XL has no clutch of its own or external chains.  It was made to bounce freely between the Rebound Clutch springs.  The amount of movement is controlled by adjusting the space between your hi-hat cymbals as well as the space between the Rebound Clutch springs.  The more space you have, the more vertical movement you will have.  Not only will this give you a cool effect, but it will also help you to develop strength and control in your hi-hat foot.


The Can Shaker XL has an easy-to-use variable pitch system.  This system combines internal and external components, allowing you to change the pitch of the shaker with a simple twist of the external brass control nut.


How does this sound so amazing?

We use these components:

  • A blend of media for interior sound.
  • A thin-walled metal can for projection.
  • Pitch control with the brass components.


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