Non-traditional in shape and sound, a true CP style gong.

The HEXaGONGs are not your ordinary gongs.  They are playable works of art!


The CP HEXaGONGs are hand-cut and hand-hammered then anointed with their own unique design to reflect the light and show off the amazing colors brought out by the heat-treating process.  No two are exactly alike!  The 12”-24” are made with our thinner and medium thickness metals while the 30” & 36” are made with our thickest metal.


These can be used in a variety of settings, from a bar gig, to a high school orchestra, to a meditation room, and many places in between.


How do HEXaGONGs differ from traditional gongs?

  • Instead of brass or bronze, we use steel.
  • Instead of round, we went with our signature CP shape, a hexagon…and it fits right in with the name!
  • Our metal is not as thick or heavy as a traditional gong so they will not ring as long. 
  • The hexagon shape allows the sound to be pushed out to all 6 points, allowing for more vibration than a round shape.


How to play your HEXaGONG:

  • Start playing with a lighter hit to warm it up and get it vibrating. 
  • Gradually increase the force of your hit to add intensity and movement.
  • Play the gong in different spots.  All gongs have a “sweet spot”.
  • Strike the raised center to get the lowest notes out of the gong.
  • Strike outside of the center to get a more “washy” gong sound.
  • Strike the outer points to get the most “wash” and a thunderous sound. 


For personal sound healing, have your gong close to eye-level, strike it at various intensities and

let the sound and vibration seep into your soul.  It is an amazing feeling!


Whether you hang it on the wall or play it every day, you will love your CP HEXaGONG!


Hanging your HEXaGONG on a single hanger can cause a lot of motion and “sway”. 

We offer a Universal Gong Bracket which allows you to hang your gong from 2 points to cut down on the amount it will sway when you hit it. 

The plate and hangers are made from steel and finished in matte black.

Set the bracket up on your cymbal stand using the included 6mm or 8mm nuts and two washers or mount it on a wall*. 

*If hanging a larger gong, be sure to use wall anchors or screw directly into a stud.


Check out videos of the CP HEXaGONG by typing #CPHEXaGONG into your search engine, Facebook or Instagram.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPHEXaGONG” in all your social media posts.


Creative Percussion HEXaGONG Maintenance

Although we use military grade paracord on our gongs, fraying can occur due to the high vibration and movement of the gong.  Please inspect it regularly.  If it starts to fray, contact us and we will send you out a new cord, free of charge.


We oil all our metal products before they leave the shop, but please be aware, the Hex Metal will oxidize over time.  This oxidation is part of the organic look we were going for.

-Here at the Creative Percussion shop in the Northeast, we have a high moisture content which helps speed the aging and oxidation along a little faster.  Depending on the climate you live in, you may see varying degrees of rust on your Hex Metal products over time as well.

-While most people are loving the way their Hex Metal products have aged, we realize that some people may prefer a cleaner, low-luster, oil-rubbed finish.

-To keep your metal products “rust-free”, simply apply a thin coat of WD-40 and wipe it with a rag to be sure it’s covered evenly.  Let them sit overnight and buff the excess off once they have had the overnight to dry.

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