Cog Jingle FX Splash Combo

Cog Jingle FX Splash Combo

LAST CHANCE!  This item will be discontinued 3/31/21


Not quite a Stax, not quite a Splash, it’s just DIFFERENT, like a playable Jingle!


Both pieces of the Cog FX Splash Combo are designed from our Hex Metal which is hand-hammered on both sides and heat-treated to bring out the tones, not-to-mention, giving them some pretty cool coloring! 


The 9” FX Splash has a hand-hammered bell and more of the curved shape of a cymbal than our standard Hex Metal. 


The Cog Jingle has eight pairs of chrome-plated steel jingles attached around the cog shape.


You get the metallic sound when striking the cymbal which activates all the jingles and makes for a great play-able jingle!


What makes it so different is that you can add to this jingle!


By adding a set of 3.5” or 5” Hex Stax beneath the jingle layer, you add more metallic sound.  You can add a Hex Hub with chains on top or a Hex Jingle on the bottom for even dimension in sound!


With this combo, you have the ability to get creative with your set-up.  Put a 10” Splash in between our 9” FX Splash and the Cog Jingle or use the 9” FX Splash on your snare drum as a playable surface and drum mute.  Use your imagination and think outside the drumshell!


Product Specs:

Weight: 15.1 oz