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The design of the Marshmallow bass drum beater stemmed from the desire to create a vintage-style beater that wasn’t overly dead sounding or feeling.  We wanted it to have articulation while maintaining that vintage sound.  


You have the choice between our Standard or XL Marshmallow beaters and the Burnt Marshmallow, giving you options in color and density.


The Burnt Marshmallow is a variation of our Standard Marshmallow.  It is hand-dyed, hand-compacted and air-dried for at least a week.  This process makes it slightly smaller and a little denser than the Standard Marshmallow, giving you a slightly different feel and play.   The Burnt Marshmallow is a little lighter weight than an average beater.  


The Standard Marshmallow is also a little lighter than an average beater.  The biggest thing drummers have noticed about the Standard Marshmallow, compared to other vintage-style beaters, is that you can actually play defined doubles with it, hence the articulation we were looking for.


The XL Marshmallow has a little more "beef" to it and weighs about the same as an average beater. Because of its size, it is a little slower than the Standard Marshmallow.


Don’t let their fluffy appearances deceive you; the depth of sound you’ll get from these beaters will surprise you!


Unlike vintage style beaters that are fleece wrapped around a solid core, these beaters are 100% wool to the core. The wool is sourced from cruelty-free farmers here in the USA. They have a super soft feel which is perfect for that vintage sound. They are great for cajons too!


Product Specs:

Beater Head (approx): Standard and Burnt = 2 1/2” dia; XL = 3” dia

Overall Length: Including shaft is 8"

Weight (approx): Standard and Burnt = 2.8 oz; XL = 3.4 oz


The Burnt Marshmallow Bass Drum Beater