Square Bells (5-piece tree)

Square Bells (5-piece tree)

It's not just one note, it's another dimension in sound!  Fundamental pitch with multiple overtones.


The bells are designed from our Hex Metal which is heat-treated to bring out the tones and to give them some pretty cool coloring and they are crimped on each corner! 


The tone is somewhere between a cup chime and an Agogo bell.

Use them in a tree setup or individually on your cymbal stand.  You can also purchase a Utility Clutch and use a single layer on our FX Post just off your snare or tom.


This product is sold as a set of 5 bells.  It comes with a tall 9 ½” clutch with 5 equal length brass spacers and 10 felt washers.

Simply unscrew the top nut, remove the spacers and washers from the clutch, reassemble by putting a bell between each set of felt washers.


Attach the clutch to your existing cymbal stand. (fits up to 7mm rods).

NOTE: we recommend at least 2” of hi-hat or cymbal rod to ensure stability.


Check out videos of the Bell Tree by typing #CPSquareBells into Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Be sure to use the hashtag “#CPSquareBells” in all your social media posts.


Product Specs:

Size: Bells are 3", 4", 5", 6" and 7" across

Overall Height: Approx 10"

Weight: 5 oz.