Ball In Chains Shaker

Ball In Chains Shaker

Have you ever found a hi-hat shaker that had enough movement and volume to sound good?

Neither have we, so we made one.


The Ball In Chains Shaker was designed to give you the most movement and volume possible in a hi-hat shaker. 


*you will need at least 7 1/2" of exposed hi-hat rod for this product

Not enough space on your hi-hat rod?  Try our Hi-Hat Rod Extender!!


The Ball In Chains Shaker was designed to work with our Rebound Clutch so you can achieve the most movement possible.  (If you don't have a Rebound Clutch yet, be sure to add in at the discounted combo price on this product).  The Ball In Chains Shaker does not have a thumbscrew to tighten it to the hi-hat rod allowing it to be free-floating between the Rebound Clutch springs.  You control the amount of movement and sound by adjusting the spacing between the springs.  Not only will this give you a cool effect, but it will also help you to develop strength and control in your hi-hat foot.


The unique sound of the Ball In Chains Shaker is achieved by combining a blend of media for the interior sound and free-floating chains to make a wider, external sound.


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Product Specs:

Size: Approx 3” across x 4” tall (not including Rebound Clutch)...6 1/2" tall (with Rebound Clutch)

Weight: 10.4 oz. (8.3 oz. without Rebound Clutch)

PriceFrom $27.99