6" Sizzle Stax

6" Sizzle Stax

Whether striking it or bouncing it on your hi-hat, you’ll create new and unique rhythms with the Sizzle Stax.


The Dark Series FX Splash, which is included in the Sizzle Stax, is 90% hammered with a ½” flat rim around the edge.  This hand-hammering process gives the Splash Bell its dome shape and creates a darker, richer tone compared to our Standard Splash Bells, which have a brighter tone.


Combining the Splash Bell Dark with the 3” steel disc and rivets gives you a cool SIZZLE effect and using it with our Rebound and Utility Clutches will give you a hi-hat effect like nothing else out there!


Try it as a stand-alone FX cymbal without the Rebound Clutch or use the whole setup on your hi-hat rod to get a cool sizzle sound with an incredible amount of motion!


  • Try it loose in the Utility Clutch for more cymbal movement and sound when striking it.
  • Try it tight in the Utility Clutch to give the rivets more bounce and to get a more exaggerated “sizzle” sound.
  • Adjust the distance between the Rebound Clutch springs to get more or less bounce.
  • Try it as a stand-alone FX cymbal (without the Rebound Clutch).
  • Try it with the Rebound Clutch to get sounds from both the up and  the down motions of your hi-hat.


Experiment with it to find a sound that suits you or keep changing things up for a variety of sounds.


Swap out the Sizzle cymbal for a Lotus Jingle, a Can Shaker. a Jingle Bell Ring or even a smaller set of Hex or Holey Hex Stax to create a whole new sound!


Not enough space on your hi-hat rod?  Try our Hi-Hat Rod Extender!!


Assemble the Sizzle Stax with the Utility Clutch (as shown in the photo).  Place one half of the Rebound Clutch on your hi-hat rod and tighten the wing-knob to keep it in place. Place the assembled Sizzle Stax/Utility Clutch on the hi-hat rod, keeping the wing-knob on the Utility Clutch loose for maximum movement. Place the second half of the Rebound Clutch on the hi-hat rod and tighten the wing-knob to keep it in place.  Adjust the placement of the top Rebound Clutch to get your desired amount of movement.


The Sizzle Stax includes:

-Your choice of a Riveted 5”, 6”, 7” or 8” FX Splash Bell Dark

- A Riveted 3” Steel Disc

- A Rebound Clutch

- A Utility Clutch


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