3.5" Hex Stax Single

3.5" Hex Stax Single

We love the sound of the Metal Effects Hat Stax so much, we wanted to give you the option of adding a single or many 3.5” Stax layers to your Modular creations.  In the shop, we’ve combined them with several of the Modular items, as well as with the 5” Hex Stax on the Utility Clutch and absolutely loved how they sounded.  So, in keeping with the thoughts behind the Modular System, we wanted you to have the same option and include them in our Modular System as a single layer.  Try mixing a few layers with the Hex Jingle or adding 3 or 4 layers onto your Holey Hex Stax.  


We keep saying it, but it’s true!  The possibilities are ENDLESS!


They are made from the same hand-cut, hand-hammered and hand-torched steel as our Hex Stax, so no 2 are alike!  As with all our Metal Effects, these will age into an organic, patinaed look.  Please review our Metal Maintenance instructions on the Hex Stax pages for tips on reducing the rustiness, if you desire.


Product Specs:

3.5” point-to-point

Weight: 0.9 oz