Versatility - Adaptability - Creativity

These are not the only three things you’ll get with our

Modular System!

The development of our Modular System, as well as our Metal Effects Series and Jingles & Shakers, started with our desire to design a system that could be added to and allow drummers the opportunity to truly customize their sound, in an affordable way.


The items on this page are the "starters" to our Modular System.

They are what you'll need to attach many of our

metal effects, jingles and shakers to your kit.

The Modular System, Jingles & Shakers, and the Metal Effects Series, combined, give you endless possibilities in sound!

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and see you can use it to find your own sound!

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Purchase a Utility Clutch and 3 layers of Hex or Holey Hex Stax, either a set of 3 up to 8" or any 3 Singles, sizes 3.5" - 8", and we will include a FX Post for FREE!


($9.99 value ~ limit 1 per order ~ not recommended for use with sizes larger than 8")

The FX Post is also available for sale on the site

to purchase individually or in a 3-pack.

Get yours today!

The Modular System Story

The Modular System is our Swiss Army knife of products.  You can add different parts for different purposes, at any time, and achieve completely different sounds in the process.  All components of our Modular System work together to give you layer upon layer of unique sounds.  The Hex Stax, Holey Hex Stax, and Hat Stax in our Metal Effects Series all blend incredibly well with the components of our Modular System as well.


Both of these collections were designed with the future in mind.  Putting both lines together in an “a la carte” style, allows you to purchase individual pieces instead of wasting your money on unnecessary, duplicate parts.  This way, not only can WE add to both collections, but YOU can affordably add and combine the pieces you want from both collections, to achieve the sound you’ve been looking for.  

We designed our Modular System to give each drummer the ability to mix and match our metal products without having to purchase unnecessary or duplicate parts each time they want to add to their sound.

With our Modular System, you buy only the parts you want.


Use the Modular Utility or Rebound Clutches to enhance your hi-hat sound or try the Leather Strap to add extra sound just about anywhere else on your kit.  


This system sounds great with our Hex and Holey Hex Stax.  Try the smaller sizes of Stax with the Modular Utility Clutch on your hi-hat or add any of the jingles from the Modular System as another layer on your larger Stax.  On top of that, you can add our Rebound Clutch to get even more movement.

Not sure where to start?

Try a Utility Clutch and a Hex Jingle or Lotus Jingle.

Affix it to either your hi-hat stem or an FX Post on the side of your snare.

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