Modular System Foundations.png

The components in this collection are the starting point for adding versatility, adaptability and creativity to your playing. 

We developed many of our products as modular items so drummers would have the opportunity to mix and match multiple products to achieve the unique sounds they have been looking for.

The Modular Essentials will allow you to add our products, in endless combinations, to your drums, hi-hats and cymbals without having them infringe upon your playing area.

Just a few examples of uses:

  • Use the Utility Clutch and FX Post to have a small set of Stax on your snare drum.

  • Use the Rebound Clutch with the Lotus Jingle on your hi-hat to give you added movement and sound.

  • Try the Leather Strap on your snare and have the ability to flip the Hex Hub on and off without having to worry about where it will be next time you want to play it.

  • Use the Magnetic FX Arm to add a jingle to your snare. 

  • If your hi-hat rod is short, use the Hi-Hat Rod Extender with our Can Shaker or Ball In Chains Shaker to add a unique shaker sound to your hats.


Take a look through our Metal FX products and Jingles & Shakers to start designing a system that you can affordably add to without having to purchase duplicate products.

Create endless possibilities in sound!

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