The development of our Metal Effects Series, as well as our Modular System (which includes our Jingles & Shakers), started with our desire to design a system that could be added to and allow drummers the opportunity to truly customize their sound, in an affordable way. 

Be sure to check out the Modular System Foundations!

They are the "starters" to our Modular System

and are what you'll need to attach many of our

metal effects, jingles and shakers to your kit.


The Metal Effects Series and the Modular System,

combined with our Jingles & Shakers,

give you endless possibilities in sound!

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Purchase a Utility Clutch and 3 layers of Hex or Holey Hex Stax, either a set of 3 up to 8" or any 3 Singles sizes 3.5" - 8", and we will include a FX Post for FREE!


($9.99 value ~ limit 1 per order ~ not recommended for use with sizes larger than 8")

The FX Post is also available for sale on the site

to purchase individually or in a 3-pack.

Get yours today!

The Hex Metal Story

In our search for alternative sounds, we just couldn’t find what we were looking for.

So, using our own twisted way of thinking, we decided to create what we wanted

in the Creative Percussion style!

The Hex Stax, Holey Hex Stax, and Hat Stax in our Metal Effects Series all blend incredibly well with the components of our Modular System, and were all designed with the future in mind.  Putting both lines together in an “a la carte” style, allows you to purchase individual pieces instead of wasting your money on unnecessary, duplicate parts.  This way, not only can we add to both collections, but you can affordably add and combine the pieces you want from both collections, to achieve the sound you’ve been looking for.  


We are always searching for the right materials and perfecting techniques to create our unique products to give you a better chance to find your own sound.


“I love the sound traditional cymbals make, but I was looking for something different.  Having a carpenter’s background and working with wood, not metal, I feel I had an advantage when creating the Hex Stax.  I didn’t have any rules or restrictions I needed to abide by, it was all up to me.  I simply wanted to create a different sound, and I did.  I put different ideas and processes to the test using, what we call here at CP, a “Kev-olution” process.  After a few prototypes, I got a better understanding of what I really wanted as an end result.  The creation of the Hex Stax was my first go-round with metal and I love how they turned out; exactly what I had envisioned.”

~Kevin Feeney, Creative Percussion Founder


Our Hex Stax were inspired by the simple thought of "I want something that sounds different."  The next thought was "I wonder what holes would do."  That was the beginning of a never-ending spark of inspiration for our Metal Effects Series and Modular System

When purchasing your Hex Stax and Holey Hex Stax, choose either a set of 3 layers of the same size, which are shown in the

Hex and Holey Hex Stax product selection


purchase a single layer of whatever sizes you want by purchasing from the

"Singles" product selection.