We wanted to make a line of FX Cymbals and Bells with different tonal values than traditional cymbals, while still keeping the signature "CP look" that we have with all our metal products.



Our FX Cymbals are not a typical cymbal. 

They are made of steel and are more flat than a typical cymbal.

Please watch and listen to the videos below so you know what you are purchasing.

If you have ANY questions, please contact us BEFORE you purchase.

The videos displayed below are samples of FX Cymbals we have previously made. 

Please contact us and we will send you a video of the FX Cymbals currently in stock so you can hear the tones, see the coloring and choose which one is right for you.

CP FX Cymbals      vs.      Traditional Cymbals

  • Bell: Thinner, hand-hammered

  • Body: Even thickness from bell to edge

  • Profile: Slightly bowed, more flat

  • Material: Steel

  • Bell: Thick

  • Body: Gets gradually thinner as you get to the outer edge

  • Profile: Bowed/arched

  • Material: Brass or Bronze

With CP FX Cymbals, the stretched metal of the bell, due to hand-hammering, makes our bells not quite as loud as a traditional cymbal bell but still loud enough to cut through the mix.

Our cymbals are not lathed or pressed with a hydraulic machine, they are cut, hammered and shaped by hand.

Each is individually heat-treated to bring out the unique colors and tones of the metal.