These bass drum beaters take a little extra time and care

to get them just right.  


We love these bass drum beaters, but due to the additional time needed to produce them, we are offering them as Special Orders only.  This means the production and shipping times will be a little longer than our typical times.

The Egg Beaters (even custom finished ones) and Skate Wheel bass drum beaters must be ordered as a set of 2.

Customized Beehive, Elite and Hyper-Sphere bass drum beaters

can be ordered individually. 

We know not everyone will see your beaters, but YOU see them all night long...why not be excited when you look down?


With our Egg Beaters, Beehives and Elites, you can choose your

favorite color or a color and finish to match your kit.

Our Hyper-Spheres can be customized with

anodized blue, purple or red finishes.

Thinking of ordering one custom finish beater now and another one later?

You may want to order both at the same time.

We cannot guarantee colors and finishes will match if ordered separately.